Part of our problem in worship is not recognizing ‘Daddy’ when he enters the room.  We get too pre-occupied with our toys or our bottles.  Maybe we don’t lift our arms and smile at Abba because we’ve grown old too fast and have lost the simple joy of recognition. 

Part of being a child was allowing your parents to govern your life.  Not so, when you became old and sophisticated.  The little ones learn to accept the parents’ rules.  The little ones are dependent for food, routine, affection, comfort and so on.  You look up to the parent and you want to please them.  Are we like that with God?

Jesus invites us to come… not as mature grown-ups with everything resolved and coordinated, but as babes. 

Have you seen a loving father cradle his baby and stare while giving it a bottle?  That is a picture of Abba’s love for his little ones. If we are to reimagine the church as Abba’s family, what will we need to change? Here are a few ideas:

  1. No shooing allowed
·      Everyone is welcome to enter the family and we do not turn people away because of their vulnerabilities. We do not stand in the way of people coming to Jesus. Instead we bring them.

  1. Move the children to the center
·      Moses moved the people through the wilderness at the speed of the little ones.
·      The most vulnerable need to be surrounded with a human shield. We do not put the them in harm’s way or leave them behind because they are not as fast

  1. Inter-generational connection
·      Who are the spiritual parents and grandparents who take the kids to Tim Horton’s?
·      We are understaffed for nursery, children and youth ministry because we segregate instead of integrate. We need some old people that know how to connect with the youngest. We need more people in mid-life who strengthen and empower the next generation. How are you doing that?

  1. More blessing
·      In Hebraic culture, a blessing imparted goodness and promise to the next generation.
·      Blessing conferred the sense of belonging and covenant family
·      We need more ways to express the blessings of God upon the child, the newcomer and the weakest

God help us to become the family He desires.