This is the most important book I read in  2012. It gave me a perspective on the knots in my stomach and the nagging questions I've had about church.

If you are a Christian in North America, you need to understand what is happening to our churches and the multitudes that float in and out of them.

'Every five hundred years, give or take a decade or two, Western culture, along with those parts of the world that have been colonized or colonialized by it, goes through a time of enormous upheaval, a time in which essentially every part of it is reconfigured.' (p.17)

Looking back five hundred years, Christendom experienced the Great Reformation of Luther and Calvin. A half millenium prior was the The Great Schism when East and West polarized and divided the Church. Fifteen hundred years ago was the decline and fall of the Roman Empire (enter the Dark Ages). We all know how the world turned on its ear two thousand years ago at the beginning of the Common Era.

Phyllis Tickle writes intelligently about the mega-shift taking place in our time and challenges us to read and study Emergence Christianity to understand how we may best serve the Kingdom of God in whatever form it is taking.

This is an incredible analysis of our times that will help you understand what is happening to sacred space, hierarchy and authority in the Church.


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