(Before reading this, have you read ? The references to Marshall Ruthven will make more sense if you do.)


Marshall Ruthven was a rich, young ruler; a successful machinist who responded to God’s call to give his life in service. Why else would a person leave a career that could have made him into a wealthy man?

Not everyone who responds to God’s call starts off so well. The apostle said that God most often chooses weak, ignorant, unqualified people to reveal God’s glory. Perhaps a low station in life is an easier starting point than having worth and identity already established in your skills and performance.

Those who attempt great things with God may or may not have all the right stuff to qualify for success. God’s risk-takers have been captured by Him and cannot think of anything better to do with their lives.

They take the Great Commission and instructions of Jesus to heart and are moved to go to a people and a place as communicators of the Kingdom.

How have you been captured by God? What obstacles stand in the way of your calling?