(Before reading this, have you read ? The references to Marshall Ruthven will make more sense if you do.)


Plato said ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. As part of our original design, we are imprinted with creative impulses. We are in the imago Dei (image of God). 

We are meant to take responsibility and create ways to act out God’s best impulses for Creation.

If you simply take what you already have and look at what is needed, you have the starting point of creativity.

Marshall Ruthven took his skills and resources as a machinist and built a portable church. He knew he was supposed to go tell people about Jesus and that need was directional for inventing a plan.

When he was too old to drive and live in a plywood trailer, he returned to the thing he most needed to do. He found new ways to get door-to-door and kept the idea moving forward.

When you are a compassion entrepreneur, you constantly adapt to live within your calling. It does not depend on pay cheques, funding or perfect opportunities. Entrepreneurs will always take new risks for their cause.