(Before reading this, have you read ? The references to Marshall Ruthven will make more sense if you do.)


If God calls you to work with people, you will need relational intelligence. You must have the desire and willingness to serve people and win their favor. If God wants you to act like an angry junkyard dog, He will call you to reach junkyard dogs.

Jesus defined the best leaders as the ones with the greatest capacity to serve the most. The best leaders in God’s Kingdom do not hide behind an entourage. They frequently wander into being helpful in the quietest of ways. 

They are not above stacking chairs, stuffing envelopes or plunging toilets. They will stop to boost your dead battery and give you time when they’ve already give a full day to serve others.

Marshall Ruthven was a genius at gently winning strangers to his message. At 85 years old he was still able to knock on a stranger’s door and end up praying for them. I don’t know many people with that kind of relational intelligence.

How connected do you have to be to plant 37 churches without being paid? After establishing a new church, Marshall Ruthven was connected enough to have pastors come to lead the new churches.