There is a difference between an entrepreneurial leader like Gideon and a passive-aggressive team player like Judas Iscariot. Both men had to act independently but with a team behind them empowering the mission.

Gideon heard from God that the battle would be fought without weapons by a small band of men. While many would think Gideon was a foolish risk-taker, there were 300 men who were willing to die trying alongside him. Gideon was highly committed to accomplishing God’s purposes and acted in faith.

Judas Iscariot acted out of fear and disillusionment. He reacted to the God he could not comprehend. He saw the fearless abandon of his leader Jesus and could not risk the rejection and persecution. Judas found a new team of supporters and worked quietly behind the scenes to return religion to business as usual-- a safer, predictable system that he could live in.

Gideon’s independence was a willingness to give his life even if the majority were not able to enter the battle. Judas’ independence was based on finding a way to survive and avoid a revolution.