Jesus rose from the dead that Easter morning and was seen by over 500 different people in the days that followed until his return to the Father.

The Roman government is long gone but other powerful governments have exercised power and control over people.

The Pharisees and Sadducees are gone, but religions still persecute the prophets and impose heavy burdens on their people.

It is apparent that there is no lasting security for politics or religion.  Every political and religious knee will one day bow and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord over all.  He alone conquered mankind’s greatest enemies – sin and death.

Christ alone rose from the dead.  No government official or religious leader has ever been physically resurrected from the grave, but Jesus has. His resurrection is a threat to the way of this world.  We are all promised that we will eventually die and will all have to pay for it.  Jesus offers a life beyond the grave and proved it with his own resurrection.

Those who have something to lose in this world will always want to seal the tomb and keep Jesus as a dead man.  If he lives today, then resurrection changes everything and promises a very different future.