Have you seen these pictures made up of colourful shapes? They are called stereograms. You are supposed to stare at it until you see a 3D picture emerge. As much as I stare, I have yet to see what I’m supposed to be seeing. 

When I pass by one of these oddities, I don’t even try anymore. I have never seen the hidden tiger or mina bird, so why keep wasting time on it?

In our growth years, we come to accept that we are not good at doing certain things. As adults, there are many who will not shoot hoops, read books, solve math problems or dance. We remember the awkwardness of childhood failures and steer clear of potentially embarrassing activities. 

What if you were to discover that you could still learn and actually excel at something feared? I’ve known several adults who were poor students as children who became A+ students in later years. I’ve seen illiterate people learn to read. 

Prophetic blindness—a prophet speaks and the observers do not see it. This is a reoccurring problem throughout history. Unless the Holy Spirit opens our eyes, we can stare blankly into the Scriptures and never see what God is revealing. We can stare into the face of love and see nothing.

Truth is not hidden in Scripture, but we need a certain God-given set of optics to see what’s there. We can ask God to open our eyes, just as blind men in the Gospels called out to Jesus for healing. 

Jesus often referenced what Ezekiel and Isaiah said about people who cannot see or hear because their hearts are calloused. For him who has ears to hear… for him who has eyes to see… let them hear… let them see…