Stare into the biblical picture of a father and see what comes into focus. We see God the Father and His Son Jesus. We learn that God is also our Father. The ancestors of faith are called fathers. The chosen nation is known as the Children of Israel. The Church is referred to as the Father’s House. 

The heart of God is often described as that of a loving father toward children. Correction, judgment and instruction need to be filtered through an understanding of God’s essential love nature. Love brings order to chaos and creates potential. Love brings a deep sense of belonging.

The prophetic call for fathers of every context is to turn the heart toward the children. This is a call to the family unit and to the Church where spiritual fathers and mothers bear offspring.

So what is it in our hearts that needs changing toward children? How does our generational attitude toward next generation affect our willingness to see who Jesus is?

Elijah’s message calls people back to love like God does. God loves like a parent. Unless we have a heart that focuses toward the needs of the next generation, we have become calloused and will also miss Jesus’ arrival in our midst. You may have your experience of Jesus, but have you seen him at work in those who are younger? To be father-hearted requires us to play a role in the lives of others. A parent’s presence may instill security, direction and identity in the life of a child. Or parents can be brutal. What kind of parent will you be?

We need spiritual mothers and fathers who care for those who are young in the faith. Sometimes we do not turn our hearts in the direction of the people who need us, because we have not self-identified as a spiritual parent. Are you a spiritual father or an absent baby-daddy? As soon as your heart can turn like a loving parent, you are ready for Jesus.