Victimization ripples outward far beyond the starting crime of the offender. Think about the parents whose hearts are tormented by children who have done horrific acts. Sometimes the sins of parents show up in the children, but it can develop in reverse. The sins of the children can destructively roll over their families.

Victimization extends to a community and sometimes to the entire world. It can fasten to a community’s psyche and fester for hundreds of years.

World peace is humanly impossible because we remember too much and reconcile too little. We trust too little and we fear more than enough.

Jesus came to a nation that was steeped in its own bigotry and the payback of centuries would target the Jews as the world’s scapegoat. Christians experience the same. So do Muslims, Hindus and atheists.

Everyone who lives in the world ends up with a target painted on their back. Before we shoot our arrows at someone’s target, we would do well to consider the teachings of Jesus. How do we actively love our enemies? How do we bless the curser?