There is something that smokers may have difficulty comprehending. There is a smell that clings to your house, car, clothes, hair and skin. The smoke puts a stale smell on everything it touches.

When I worked at the halfway house and smoking was allowed indoors, I would get headaches from being around the smoke for extended periods of time.

On occasion various smokers will visit me in my office. If they have that stale smoke aroma, it lingers in the room. I have a can of Febreze that I use after they leave. I am polite and do not show disdain for the aroma. I have a fairly good tolerance for all kinds of smelly people.

If a smoker keeps their habit away from the house and car, brushes their teeth, gums and tongue and washes their clothes they probably do not carry the smell.

This is why people staying in hotels have the option of staying in a non-smoking room. I find that many smokers are oblivious to how they smell. When people quit smoking, they often become aware of that unpleasant aroma on others.

Now it’s very possible that I may be smelly at times and unaware of it. I love garlic and spicy food. I give you permission to tell me if I stink.

My point to all this is we may not be aware of the affect we have on others. Aroma can attract and it can repel. This is also true with the state of our spiritual life. Dead people may not be aware that they are decomposing. Everything may appear pristine in their lives, but something has died inside them.

If you have a deep experience in God’s presence, you may find yourself more aware of the aroma of death in others. When you get away from certain attitudes and values, you may be shocked when you return to those who still live and believe that way. Is it time for fresh air in the smoking room? Is the aroma of Christ in your life?