Seth Godin writes extensively about innovation and change. He was asked what inherent traits would make it easier for someone to become a linchpin. In other words, is there something special about people who are creative catalysts?

Some people want to tell you that your DNA isn't right, or you're not from the right family or neighborhood. I think that's wrongheaded.
We've been culturally brainwashed to believe that the factory approach (average products for average people, compliance, focus on speed and cost) is the one and only way. It's not.
We make a difference to other people when we give gifts to them, when we bring emotional labor to the table and do work that matters. It's hard for me to imagine that this is only available to a few. Yes, the cards are unfairly stacked against too many people. Yes, there are too many barriers and not enough support. But no, your ability to create and contribute isn't determined at birth. It's a choice.[i]

If we are to be great in God’s Kingdom, we understand this principle. We can choose to lay down our lives and actually find ourselves in the process.

Let’s not take a factory approach to the Kingdom of God. We are not creating average products for average people with a focus on compliance, focus, speed and cost. We are more likely to go overboard and waste expensive perfume on the feet of Jesus. We are more likely to please God by giving our last nickel than by budgeting an affordable tithe. We have a thing for prisoners and cancer patients.

I may be a small man in a small church, but I believe in a great God who teaches us what it means to be great. I want to serve him with everything in me.

God help me get over myself so I can be useful.