Do you have a 
religious profession or a renewing confession?

Charles Spurgeon indicates that these foolish virgins were not reprobates; they were members of the church. 

The comparisons between the foolish and the wise indicate that they were so much alike that only the bridegroom could tell the difference between them.  Spurgeon even goes so far as to state that their lamps may have even burned at one time.  Yet, Spurgeon notes, “yet they were not of it, nor in it, for they had no oil in their vessels with their lamps, no grace, no indwelling of the Holy Ghost.” Spurgeon clearly indicates that these virgins were not born-again.[i]

You cannot borrow the life of God from another person.  You must have your own supply of godliness and readiness.

Let’s not neglect the presence of God in our lives.  Let’s not grieve God’s Spirit by holding bad attitudes and acting out contrary to God’s ways. Jesus will recognize you in His Kingdom because you have light.  He will say to those who are still in darkness, “I’m sorry, but I don’t know who you are.”

Dr. Jack Crabtree said:

God requires one and only one thing of us: He wants us to want the coming of His Kingdom more than we want anything else in this life. It’s little to ask, and it’s a lot to ask. But it’s the only thing He asks. At the end of this age, when nothing of this world remains, if He finds that we want–from the core of our being–the Kingdom He intends to establish, then citizenship in that Kingdom is ours.
But if He finds our eyes, our desires, and our affections fixed on the stuff that is passing away, then we are unworthy of His Kingdom, and His words to us will be, “I do not know you.”[ii]

Today, you can renew your supply. We can have light for night travels.


Lord, I examine the contents of my heart. Have I let the reserve of first love for you run dry? Have I quenched your Holy Spirit and resisted the grace that you desire to pour into me daily? I receive the gift of your Son Jesus as the light of the world. Fill me with the light of Jesus and transform the darkness of my path. Fill me with your Spirit as I live with great expectation, longing for the Day of your appearing. May I waken from my slumber at the sound of your voice and go with you to the wedding feast.