In a bizarre twist, I get satisfaction when people accidentally find out that they are talking to a pastor and not the janitor.

Christian blogger Leonard Hjalmarson wrote this about Christ’s leadership and our imitation of that.

He was over us as Lord and Master and Creator. He was lowly and vulnerable and among us as a servant. He clearly calls us to imitate his example and not to Lord it over one another. To lead as a Jesus follower is to lead from among and from below. The weight of evidence against any CEO model within the community of faith is overwhelming. The problem of mixed models – welding business and community models together – is not entertained by the New Testament and is a cultural subversion of kingdom society. Pressure to lead from above – whether it comes from other leaders, from cultural mores, or from God’s people – should be named and deconstructed and actively resisted.[i]

Great leadership is found when people lead from among, rather than from above. Great leaders do not find lasting comfort in recognition and authority. They take joy in being a humble servant.