Have you noticed how reactionary people are to the gospel of Jesus Christ? They get upset if you talk about sin and God help you if you try to convert anyone. 

As usual, people have some negative experience to tell of a person who was a ‘Bible-thumper’ and/or a hypocrite. It is a grave sin in the eyes of some to ‘proselytize’.

While an inappropriate or pushy person might cause any of us to get defensive, it does not change the fact that they might have a legitimate message to be considered. We are more likely to shoot the messenger than to actually hear and consider the message.

What about the message of Jesus? Is it a good message? Is it something that has changed us and needs to be shared with other strugglers?

What are you supposed to do when someone you know is wrapped up in a destructive practice or mindset? Do you ignore it? Do you pray from a distance or do you make the attempt to approach them with loving confrontation?