You may be sixty years old and have an 82-year-old parent who thinks they still know more than you do.

You may be the person in the factory with the least seniority and yet understand how to increase productivity and improve working conditions. You may not get a hearing from the boss. As the new person on the floor you are not expected to have it all figured out. Have you ever felt that you were not heard because you were not authorized to have a valid opinion?

You may be thirty-something and already rolling your eyes at the twenty-something crowd. A child in grade six may be angry if they have to associate with the child in grade three.

There’s a reoccurring attitude through life that you can arrive at an understanding of how things are and should be. Because of your authority in matters, you can chuckle and ignore the suggestions and opinions of the younger, less experienced and ‘uninformed’.

If we are humble and sensitive, we may find that the answer we need comes from an unexpected person or place. Aesop tells the story of the lion trapped in a net that is freed by the mouse chewing through the mesh. The powerful beast is set free by the most timid of creatures.

Could it be that there is another principle at work in God’s Kingdom? Does God not choose to work through the least and the lowest to show us something about our alleged strength?