If you grow up in church and believe that it is essentially an institution owned and operated by the rich and powerful… man, are you ever in the wrong church!

I would have likely distanced myself further and further from God’s people if there wasn’t a few that took the time to hear me, see what God was shaping and give me a chance.

The Apostle Paul knew what it was to be the new guy. When he experienced his conversion to Christ, he came to the church as the former enemy that used to beat them up. Now, the tables have turned and Paul is the humble, changed man who feels the call of God in his life to follow Jesus.

The apostles in Jerusalem may have politely told him to stay away. There were too many people that had been hurt by his previous actions. For the greater good, it would be better if Paul followed Jesus at a distance… from them.

But, there was an apostle named Barnabas who was willing to trust God in this. Barnabas was willing to take a risk on the newbie Paul and advocated for him. He brought him to the apostles in Jerusalem and vouched for him.

If you are sitting back in God’s Kingdom because you figure that ‘the experts’ do not want to hear you or do not need you, think again.  Is there someone in your life that can be your Barnabas? You need to know that someone understands you and sees your heart.

Some of you are keeping a safe distance from church and commitment. You have let the poor behaviour of a few keep you from stepping up. Don’t despise your youth, your inexperience or the self-confidence of the status quo.

There may be times when all the best efforts are yielding nothing and God wants to use your voice from the sidelines to bring a big catch into the nets. Everyone in God’s family is valued and important. Everyone has a function and uniqueness that cannot be realized through another. Talk to a Barnabas near you and tell them what’s in your heart.