One of the childhood toys that most captured my imagination was a little plastic figure with a parachute. I loved tossing it in the air and watching the chute open and the figure float down. I used to make parachutes for my toys with string, tape and plastic garbage bags.

In the book ‘Wild At Heart’ John Eldridge describes the core sense of adventure we all had as children.  Disappointments, hardships and responsibilities work to choke out our sense of adventure as adults.  Some recover this and live their lives to the fullest.  The rest live their lives, bored and dutiful.

It’s not surprising that I have always wanted to skydive. Maybe I will for my 80th birthday. In case you are wondering why anyone would want to jump out of a plane, there are three good reasons.

  1. Adventure.  Some jump out with a parachute for the exhilaration of free fall.

  1. Bailing Out.  The plane is going to crash and burn and it becomes necessary to escape destruction.

  1. On Assignment.  You are deliberately set down into a place where you can fulfill a mission.

The person who comes to Christ may find similarity to skydiving.

  1. Adventure.  The love of God is a compelling adventure that people will take a leap of faith to experience.  Like those who parachute, you come back to earth wanting to tell others about the incredible, life-changing experience.  You cannot keep your mouth shut or your face from beaming.

  1. Bailing Out.  Life is in jeopardy and going down.  Christ is the only sane way to escape the fiery destruction you are heading to. 

  1. On Assignment.  Fulfilling your purpose has led you to take the radical parachute drop into the Kingdom of God.  You have orders to follow and you must move to the best place to fulfill your mission.