For whatever reason you choose to parachute, there’s an important step when you get to the ground. 

What is that can impede your progress once you’ve landed?  What is it that can wear you out?  What can put you in harm’s way and turn you into a target?  What can leave you vulnerable to powers outside your control?

The worst thing a skydiver can do after landing is keep their parachute on.

Imagine what happens to the person who tries to travel on foot with the parachute still strapped to them. The wind comes along and drags them wherever it will with accompanying injuries. The chute catches on every passing rock and branch, leaving the traveller snagged and frustrated at every rough spot.

The enemy sees the large, bright, flapping material with an enemy tied to it.  There’s no opportunity for escape.

Some of you came to Christ on the parachute of necessity.  Your need brought you to this place.  As you descended into your new life you may have landed with a thud.  The time to travel on foot has come and there is a parachute that you need to unstrap.

Paul said ‘the old has gone and the new has come’.  I’m convinced that some are stalled in their life with Christ because they have not let go of the past.  The past is a parachute that they need to pack up or abandon.

The past is the thing that safely brought you to your place in the Kingdom of God.  But the past can also be a drag and a heavy, dangerous weight. You have to let go of your past to experience the new reality.  But what is the old parachute that wants to drag behind us?

A strategic difference between the old worldly life and your new life in Christ is how you view people.


Connie Whitlock said…
Wow, Kevin, very inspiring. And you can write blogs too. Your family is so very talented.

I love this idea for so many reasons. The past can be such a hold on someone. This blog is such confirmation for me this season. Last week, I discovered a song by a friend of mine called "Rearview Window". It talks about how he is leaving all his junk behind and moving forward into the new. Got to admit, your brother Phil has been such a cheerleader as well. Thanks for blogging. I will be one of your biggest blog fans.
Connie Whitlock said…
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Kevin Rogers said…
Hello Connie, Thanks for the encouraging words. I do have a talented family, but I wonder if you are confusing me with someone else. I do not have a brother.