The idea that God would speak to a nation, a King or a church through an unlikely voice is consistent through Scripture.

An exiled, nervous Moses with a speech impediment is used by God to confront evil and say, ‘Let my people go.’

A child named Samuel hears the voice of God in the night and brings direction to the old priest Eli.

A prisoner accused of sex crimes is able to discern the meaning of Pharaoh’s dreams and Joseph is elevated to become his right hand man.

A young shepherd named David confronts Goliath, the nation’s greatest threat with a five-point plan. The first point nails Goliath between the eyes and defeats him. I wonder if David kept the other four stones as souvenirs?

A twelve-year-old misplaced son of Mary and Joseph is found in the Temple amazing the aged scholars with deep wisdom.

An Israeli hillbilly from Nazareth speaks and demons tremble. He cries from a cross, ‘It is finished!’ and the cosmos prepares to receive Him as the King of Resurrection.

God wants to speak to us today. The question is not who among us has the loudest voice. Rather, who is the bystander that asks questions of how we are doing? That voice may point us to the answer right under our noses.

The voice of God… the still, small voice that is easily missed and often not recognized… Yes, that voice…