There are a few jobs in the world that pay extra well because the task requires a great deal of personal risk. Some employers will pay top dollar to hire people for difficult assignments.

When we consider that God’s work pays in eternal gold, silver and precious stones we are reminded that this rewarding career might cost you your life.

Luke 10:
Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves. Do not take a purse or bag or sandals; and do not greet anyone on the road.

If you have experienced a change of heart because of Jesus, you know that you are becoming more of a lamb. Innocence, gentleness and a desire for belonging to the flock are on the increase. When you follow Jesus into the wild, you will find out that there are other people who have a different kind of nature. They are more wolfish and have another agenda. Not everyone is a wolf. But then again, not everyone is a lamb. The lamb-like mission of God will inevitably attract a few wolves that want to devour you. Jesus knows all about that.

Still, the risk is outranked by the rich harvest that waits. You need to be a dove-like lamb with shrewd serpent-like wisdom.

While everything in our nature wants to be fully prepared and over-stocked, Jesus tells us to leave our extra pair of shoes at home and don’t worry about having enough money. Apparently we are to learn how to receive God’s care and provision through other people.

I know that the times I have been least equipped and poorest have been the times when I’ve seen God’s provision the most. It’s almost as if self-reliance displaces God-reliance.

Why were the travellers not to greet anyone on the road? The customary greetings were elaborate, and to avoid them would be highly unusual.[i]

No doubt Jesus wanted his people to learn to avoid the subtle traps of always doing what they were told was proper. They needed to highly focus on getting to their assignment quickly and efficiently. In God’s Kingdom work, we need to travel light.

[i] Reformation Study Bible