Why do so many followers of Jesus give in to fear mongering and the conspiratorial agenda of wolves? Jesus, rebuke us when we do not lift high the Law of Love. 

I am convinced that there are many who have not learned how to deal with rejection in their lives and get stuck in a difficult place when it happens to them.

Can you follow Jesus and not expect to experience some measure of misunderstanding, rejection or possibly even persecution? How was Jesus able to overcome and not resort to a victim mentality? How did Jesus overcome the extremity of betrayal?

Like us, Jesus had to trust in the God who will restore all that can be restored. The Judgments of God will come, but the meek and lowly will not be cut down when the reaper lifts his scythe.

I repent of the times that I have been influenced by fear more than the love of God. I repent of the times that I misjudged and wanted fire from Heaven to solve my problems with those who opposed me.

I am poor and blind to the mercies of God. I have been an oppressor and a liar. Even so, come Lord Jesus. Have mercy on me a sinner. Make my heart beat with your love and reconcile through me. This is my prayer.