We live in a world of aesthetic dualism where beauty is often based on contrast to that which is opposite.  Sunset is created by the transition from light to darkness.  We find it beautiful, but there will be no sunsets in the land without night. 

The beauty of a flower is found partially in its limitation.  We enjoy it because we know it’s going to fade away quickly and because it is a contrast to the ugliness and chaos around us.

Imagine a zoo without cages-- No boundary between the animals and the people. This was the Garden of Eden – Paradise.  The Nature that God had created for mankind was a place of peace.

When mankind sinned, Nature was subjected to the Curse.  The knowledge of evil permeated Creation changing it into a place with sweat, fear, pain, death and decay.  The world became a place where snakes poison people and lions eat lambs. Fallen nature requires us to constantly protect ourselves from the elements, from predators and poisons.

Have you noticed the war raging between various species of life?  Ever watch nature shows?

Somehow, we are used to the presence of evil.  We have the idea that we need to survive the Fallen Realm and do the best we can for God.  But, our thinking and worldview are not enough to provide perfect humanity.  We cannot produce a world without evil.  We cannot do it without God.