Washing is a universal practice for most creatures. The cat and dog in your house spend hours licking themselves and their offspring. The snake and the cicada shed their outer skin and emerge with a new covering. There is something healthy and essential about coming clean.

Most religions have cleansing rituals that involve water. The spiritual yearning for a pure heart leads to systematic practices of purging uncleanness.

There are psychological conditions where a broken person loses their instinct toward being clean. There are other conditions in which a person will obsessively scrub their hands until they bleed. Good mental health seems to find the balance in this self-care practice of hygiene.

When we come to the mission of Jesus, we find that God has come to clean us from the sickening dirt that stains us. The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all unrighteousness.

Jesus’ country was a place where households drew water from wells and stored it in large containers. When Jesus turned the water into wine, the servants brought him the large containers of water used for washing.

Later we see Jesus refer to wine as being comparable to His blood. The cleansing that Jesus gives is better than the common ways we try to make ourselves clean or holy. When you are clean, you smell better.

It would seem that the presence of God’s Spirit in our life has an affect on how God will bring cleansing to others. Our forgiveness and lack thereof has a deep affect on others. Some will never come clean, because we have not been clean toward them.

How do you deal with the stinkers in your life?