I have seen an intoxicated man trying to steer his broken electric wheelchair. The mechanism was not working and he just kept going around in circles. The alcohol blurred his judgment and he could not correct his path. Only by fixing the mechanism could the chair be navigated properly.

The loss of ‘thought control’ requires a repair or modification to restore one’s ability to navigate their thinking. Getting medical attention followed by counselling and spiritual care is often necessary in restoring the mind to manageability.

With the loss of thought control, your thoughts will jumble; you will forget things and start to feel helpless. Listening is more and more difficult.

As you get helped onto a healing path, you will need to be reminded to keep taking the little steps that will get you there. You may be inclined to set unrealistic goals and end up in anguish because you cannot do everything you want to.

Even though you know that perfectionism and obsessiveness hurt you, the lie tempts you that you’ll feel better once you reach all your goals.

This season is a time to learn about living in this moment, not the past or the future. You can only get through today and probably need help today. That is okay.