Like many Christians in the 1980's, I heard the great reviews of Richard Foster's 'Celebration Of Discipline'. With many peers raving, I got my dark red hard copy and began to read and absorb it. Perhaps I was too young then to appreciate what was in my hands, but now I see it for the masterpiece it is. It breathed new life into the best practices of the spiritual disciplines. But, I was less structured and lacked the self discipline to take advantage of the opportunities the book presented. It sat on my shelf until I donated it to the church library.

Thirty years later, I was intrigued to find that Richard Foster's son Nathan had revisited the themes of his dad's writing and had something fresh to say. The subtitle of the book expressed the heart of many in my generation-- 'My Journey From Frustration To Joy With The Spiritual Disciplines'.

Over the years, I found my own back roads approach to prayer, fasting, worship, etc. In Nathan's book, I discovered fresh inspiration to go deeper and further. The spiritual disciplines are not a 'to do list' as I had feared (and thus avoided). The spiritual practices are all about making room for God's love in the interior rooms of the soul. It is more about how God loves us than anything we do for Him.

Nathan Foster bears his own soul with stories of addiction, fear and deep longing. His narrative style is juxtaposed with writings from his dad and brief portraits of historical characters who walked with God from other times in church history.

Knowing that he lives a couple hours across the border has me intrigued. I hope to meet him one day.


"Book has been provided courtesy of Graf-Martin Communications and Baker Books in exchange for an honest review."