Discipleship means different things to different people.

·      A systematic and academic pursuit of spiritual practices.
·      Learning obedience to God.
·      Daily habits that improve your connection to God
·      Living as a ‘missional’ person, focused on doing the Great Commission.

Maybe you have another idea on what it means. Each of these ideas can be part of discipleship and they can also miss the point of being a disciple.

If you approach spiritual formation as a ‘to do list’ you will miss the point and grow discouraged. Discipleship is not:

·      A self-help plan to make you a better Christian
·      A way to measure yourself by God’s standards
·      A way to improve your standing with God
·      An elite activity for extraordinary spiritual giants

When you pray, worship, read Scripture, etc., you will likely find yourself in a process that reveals new layers of your weakness and vulnerability. You need to be okay with seeing yourself soberly and exposing your inner reality to God’s love.

Perhaps the best understanding of discipleship is what it meant to Jesus. Disciples were chosen and called to walk with their rabbi and learn all they could about his values and priorities.

Simply, disciples follow Jesus and learn to be like him. Discipleship causes you to grow beyond a performance based understanding to a first person response of living in God’s presence.