As part of a series of men's prayer meetings in Western Ontario, I wrote this simple song to remind myself to be a godly man. What does it mean to honour my original vows?

Since it was intended to be a song for men, I took inspiration from the hymn 'Rise Up, O Men Of God'. (And maybe a little Ron Sexsmith & Tom Petty)

Having my daughter Karli sing with me is significant. Faith of our fathers living still...

I was tempted to write 'Child Of God' but perhaps the non-men can also sing the verses to God and the chorus to us guys.

Man Of God

by Kevin Rogers

Verse 1:

F                    Bb      F
At An Altar Long Ago
  Dm             C             F
I Made My Solemn Vow
F                    Bb        F
At An Altar Once Again
        Dm           C                 F
It’s Here My Knee Will Bow


F                 C
O Man Of God
Gm                                    F
Be Done With Lesser Things
          C             Dm   Bb          F
Give All You Are, All Your Heart
F                         C            Dm
To Serve The King Of Kings
       Bb               C             F
To Serve The King Of Kings

Verse 2:

I Will Rise Up From This Place
And Walk Today With You
There Is No Turning Back
I Will Keep My Eyes On You

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