Did you pray today?

From earliest times, prayer has been a communal practice of the Church. 

Outside the Christian faith, there are many religions that pray in various ways to the God of their understanding. Since the dawn of man, there have been continual attempts to communicate with and hear from the Higher Realm.

Jesus’ disciples were all Jewish. They grew up with prayer. It was practiced in their homes, their synagogues and in the Temple. All these prayers reinforced and reminded people that God was approachable and wanted our communication. Why was it then, they asked Jesus how to pray?

If you’ve done something all your life, why would you want to relearn it? I’ve known how to speak English from early childhood. Why would I feel compelled to now have someone teach me how to speak English? If you have already been raised with prayer, why would you want to have ‘Prayer as a Second Language’ classes?

It would seem that the disciples observed something else going on in Jesus’ prayer life. The observable prayers of Jesus and the effect of his private praying made a strong impression on those who followed Him. So much so, that they wanted to learn from the Master of prayer.

Jesus’ prayer life was more personal than most. He was reverent toward God and recited the same prayers as other Jews, but there were also many examples with Jesus praying that brought healing, deliverance and intimate knowing of the Almighty. Jesus’ Heavenly Father was much more approachable and imminent than the common understanding of an untouchable, Holy God.

More than the childhood way of praying and the perfunctory praying over meals; more than the common prayers of the Church… Do you want to pray in the uncommon way that Jesus prayed?