Before writing a review on this DVD series, I wanted to road test it on my church. I am so glad I did and we will use this series again.

Our study group sat forward and engaged in meaningful dialogue as we went through the material.

Ravi Zacharias Ministries have put together a stimulating series that will address several key questions related to the relevance of the Christian faith in a pluralistic world.

Much of it was filmed in Canada and the U.K. with interviews from well spoken atheists, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists and of course Christians. Host Dr. Andy Bannister presents a respectful foray into myriad world views and addresses pivotal questions that every thinking person will consider.

1. Is There A God?
2. If So, Why Is There Evil And Suffering?
3. Has Science Eliminated Religion?
4. There Are Thousands Of Different Religions: Which One Is True?
5. Can We Take The Bible Seriously, Or Is It Just A Myth?
6. Who Was Jesus Of Nazareth And Does It Matter?

Having watched friends and acquaintances drift from faith, I am grateful for a series that brings an intelligent and respectful response to difficult questions.

The series can be previewed and ordered at http://burningquestions.ca/ 

"Video series has been provided courtesy of RZIM in exchange for an honest review."