There’s nothing like wallowing with pigs to bring you to your senses.

The Jewish boy was raised to see the pig as an unclean animal. He was not to eat pork or even get close to an unclean animal. But, when your heart is drifting from God you wind up kissing more than a few pigs. 

Your insatiable hunger and poverty lead you to unclean places where you consider eating pig food just to get by. Addiction tells a similar story. People that are disconnected from what home should be, find themselves in bad company consuming terrible things in an attempt to sustain a miserable life.

Like the prodigal son, we must stare the pig in the eye and realize how far away from home we’ve travelled. Until we can stare at truth in a pigpen, we will stay in our dejected state, eyeing up the next greasy cob.

The road home starts with confessing the truth about our lives. The road away from home is a dead end. The road away from home brings you to a very dark existence.

Daniel Webster said, There is no refuge from confession but suicide, and suicide is confession.’ [i] 

Webster is saying that confession provides a way out of our misery. When people refuse to confess and instead to end their life, the suicide becomes a confession to their brokenness.

[i] (Daniel Webster (1782-1852), U.S. lawyer, statesman. Speech, April 6, 1830, in murder trial, Salem, Massachusetts. Argument on the Murder of Captain White, The Writings and Speeches of Daniel Webster, vol. 11 (1903). It was during this trial that Webster famously spoke of a "fearful concatenation of circumstances.")