I have pastored in Windsor at New Song Church for 21 years since launching it. I am thoroughly convinced of the need and place for churches in our city core. I love Windsor deeply.

This past week I have been in Toronto involved with Mission Canada work. On Sunday mornings this month I am leading worship at the Pan Am Athletes Village Chapel service. I have been trailing Ejay Tupe through the downtown as he tells stories and pastors his street flock. I am meeting with pastors present and past who have invested their lives in this city. I am facilitating a team of University students from Texas helping Church In The City do a kids camp.

The strangest thing happens to me every time I get to walk the streets of another city...

I get all emotional and teary. I run into pockets of poverty and feel like I'm home. I marvel at the human silos filled with people whose money and power lift them above the chaos and perpetual street drama. My senses are filled with the sheer magnitude of humanity. 

Windsor, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Saskatoon, Edmonton... I feel at home in every city and dream about God's People making more of the city they live in. 

This is not some kind of lame romanticism. The very best and the very worst of the human condition is here. I walk these streets with one ear to the ground and one to Heaven. I'm hearing whispers... 

Oh Jesus... what do you want to say to the church in our cities? What do you applaud in us and what are you trying to tell us to change in ourselves? As you wept for Jerusalem, let the contagion of your tears be in our eyes. 

Teach us to love the city like you do.