All of us think about many things through our waking and often our sleeping hours. What’s on your shortlist of reoccurring thoughts?

·      Your past
·      Your future
·      Health
·      Relationships
·      Money
·      Responsibilities
·      Hopes
·      Failures
·      Sex
·      Death
·      God and spirituality

These are common things we meditate, ponder and groan over. Do you ever get tired of some of your thoughts? Do you wish that you could stop thinking and resolve issues better?

In looking at the practice of Christian meditation, we are entering the realm of our mind. We see the need to empty our mind of anxious and dysfunctional thoughts and be filled with something better. We all have personal reasons to want to change our mind. Part of the process involves the Scriptures.

The objective for biblical meditation is to make the conceptual nature of the Word of God a reality in your life. Some people confuse bible reading with biblical meditation. It is very important to read the bible. But there is a difference between causally reading the Word of God and meditating on the Word of God.[1]