Each step of our journey is both a departure from and an arrival at. We’re always leaving some place to get somewhere else. While it may seem that life can go in circles, there are important things for us to see and hear in the places we find ourselves. Jesus talks much about developing eyes and ears that perceive God at work.

Studying where you are is an important spiritual practice. As we examine the place we find ourselves in, we discover the true nature of Omnipresence. God is here, too.  

Hebrew Bible scholar Jon Levenson said, “Geography is simply a visible form of theology.”[1]

Walter Brueggeman said it another way. “Land is a central, if not THE central theme of biblical faith. Biblical faith is a pursuit of historical belonging that includes a sense of destiny derived from such belonging…”[2]

And there’s this quote I found on Facebook. ‘The shortest theology of place is this: "may your kingdom come, may your will be done on earth."’[3]

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