The hamster wheel is a fitting metaphor for the fast-moving, repetitive cycle of a person's unhealthy thoughts. Maybe, it's also like a stationary exercise bicycle set to maximum resistance. You exert a lot of energy but the view is always the same and you find yourself starting over again and again. It is just so hard to keep at it.

Doctors Jantz and Clinton provide a thorough, easy read through many of the patterns of relationship seeking and relationship breaking.

As a pastor, I have sat with countless people and listened to their thoughts on why their relationships are in trouble. This book is a valuable tool for both counsellor and struggler. As I read, I was reminded of my own relational dependency issues from puberty through into the earliest years of marriage. 

Like the good Christian doctors recommend, I found a healthy self-identity in learning to see myself through the eyes of the Creator. There is a world of difference between loving with a sense of  internal freedom and trying to make something happen out of a base of fear, inadequacy and desperation.


"Book has been provided courtesy of Graf-Martin Communications and Baker Books in exchange for an honest review."