If you are working twelve-hour days, seven days a week, with the hope that you will someday reach a goal and be able to relax—you’re missing something.

If you will not take a holiday until you can afford to go where you want to, again you are missing something.

What goal, what unmet need or barrier is there between you and learning to celebrate in your current circumstances?

There is a time for everything, but when is your time to celebrate? In the very difficult time of a funeral, we may take time to celebrate the life of the deceased. We share stories and memories of the good times with that person. Yes, even at funerals it is good to laugh and think highly of the one who passed. This too, is celebration.

There is a Spanish word ‘festiva’ from which we derive our English word festival. Festiva is the act of celebrating in the midst of hardship and struggle. It is an attitude of learning to take joy when none is offered to you. Celebration is a subversive act that defies the burdensome concerns of life.

Celebration is a change of perspective. It is looking at the simplest and the greatest reasons to sing, dance, laugh and feast.

Celebration is Paul and Silas in jail at the midnight hour. With the ache and sting of being whipped, beaten and confined to a filthy cell, they choose to sing songs of praise to God. Celebration defies the darkness of oppression and injustice.