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Just before Good Friday, five-year-old Carter made an appointment to come see me. He and his brothers will pay particular attention to me when I’m playing guitar and singing for our worship services.

Grandma Betty brought him to my office for the express purpose of writing a song with me. He wanted to do this, so he brought a plastic bag with his microphone and a harmonica.
I asked him what we could write about and he wanted a song about when God goes to sleep. I told him that the Father never sleeps, but Jesus the Son had naps and went to sleep at night.
So, I asked what he could tell me about Jesus when he goes to sleep. Apparently, Jesus said his prayers and had good dreams. We wrote the song and recorded it on my phone with him accompanying on his harmonica. That was the best part of my week.
Carter and I discussed some important theological considerations. Jesus lived fully human so that five year olds could understand Jesus as their friend.
Perhaps the most profound act of submissio…


In contrast to distorted teachings on submission Richard Foster said, “The biblical teaching on submission focuses primarily on the spirit with which we view other people. Scripture does not attempt to set forth a series of hierarchical relationships but to communicate to us an inner attitude of mutual subordination.” [1]

Misread scriptures are sometimes used to try and corner people into relationships that empower domination or abuse. You should submit to me because the Bible says so! In response, people try to give examples of when not to submit.
Sometimes the limits of submission are easy to determine. A wife is asked to punish her child unreasonably. A child is asked to aid an adult in an unlawful practice. A citizen is asked to violate the dictates of Scripture and conscience for the sake of the State. In each case the disciple refuses, not arrogantly, but in a spirit of meekness and submission.[2]
However, we need to realize that submission is never a guarantee that you will not su…


The principle of submission is often misunderstood and vilified as a sign of being weak. Often, people that are excessive show intolerance and contempt for those who are obedient. What is it about submission that stirs up antagonism from those who break the law? And why do we often lack patience for those who are more limited than ourselves?

You will not understand submission until you understand that Jesus’ life was a total act of surrender. He gave all for the sake of love. You cannot fathom the goodness of Good Friday until you see it as an example of revolutionary love.
Richard Foster said,
Leadership is found in becoming the servant of all. Power is discovered in submission. The foremost symbol of this radical servant-hood is the cross… Christ not only died a “cross-death,” he lived a “cross-life.”[1]
Paul wrote the penultimate description of Christ’s surrendered cross-life to the church at Philippi.

Philippians 2:6 Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God s…