The cattle are lowing
The poor baby wakes
But little Lord Jesus
No crying he makes

What? No crying from baby Jesus?

It is a rare occurrence that a baby would wake without crying.  All healthy babies cry out. It signals their helplessness, discomfort and perhaps fear.

If a baby sleeps near cows mooing, then little Lord Jesus—such crying he makes!

It is an awakening that every house with a child remembers. Just when weary parents have fallen asleep, the cry of a tiny baby in the darkness wakens them. One will stay slumbering while another responds. It is the reoccurring moment when every parent is torn between satisfying their own need for sleep and the empathetic response to serve a baby.

A spiritual awakening has a similar choice. Will we stay asleep in our comfort and what we feel entitled to? Or will we get up and respond to the tiny voice of God?

Like a stone on the surface of a still river
Driving the ripples on forever
Redemption rips through the surface of time
In the cry of a tiny babe

[1] Cry Of A Tiny Babe by Bruce Cockburn, ©1991 Golden Mountain Music Corp.