Can I tell you what following Jesus has been like in my life? 

Although I have followed Jesus since I was a young boy, there have also been times of distraction and temptation that caused me to keep God at arm’s length. For every imperfect God follower portrayed in the Bible, I can relate.

I have been disobedient in the way of Adam and Eve, Cain, Abram, Lot, Moses, Jacob, Solomon, David, Esau, Peter and Ananias. I have repeatedly proven my imperfection before God and called on His mercy to save me.

That’s half of the story. The other half is this:

I have experienced slow moving changes that have changed me into a man whom God has blessed and wants to truly help others. I have learned to sit clothed and in my right mind at the feet of Jesus. I have learned to pattern my life after Jesus.

Hard times and dark seasons have taught me to trust God more, not less. Those things that could have ruined me became openings into God’s Kingdom. I have heard that going through crisis together can bring two closer to each other. The most challenging difficulties have welded my heart to God. He is my inseparable companion.

Tim Keller said, “You don’t really know Jesus is all you need until Jesus is all you have.”[1]

I can imagine that Jesus had similar thoughts about his inseparability from the Father in Heaven. The experiences of life taught him to keep turning to the Father. Although we can learn a great deal about love from a faithful spouse, we can learn much more by looking to the God of love-- that inseparable, yet uniquely distinctive communion between Father, Son and Spirit. This is where the best marriages look to find an unselfish mutuality and sacrificial partnership.

I have known inexpressible joy and wept with a broken heart in my partnership with this loving God. If you have not learned to trust God in all things, I would invite you to follow Jesus.

[1] Tim Keller, Walking With God Through Pain And Suffering, 2013 Dutton, p.5