The Genesis account tells us that humanity was created ‘in the image of God’.  

Theologians call this the ‘Imago-Dei’.  God spoke to the first humans about why they were here.  We were created with an innate capacity to know God and to reflect his character. We are endowed with the capacity to love, create and take responsibility. It is here that we find our purpose in life.

We just had our first grandson. What do we do when we encounter a new baby? We try to figure out whom they look like. Perhaps this is what the Godhead does when someone is born again. They study the face of this new child and see their likeness.

God is always looking for men and women who will connect to Him and live out the fullness of His intention.

This is God’s exponential growth plan for humanity and the world. 
We are given to the world to make a valuable contribution and to actualize God’s values.

Adam and Eve originally exemplified what full human potential was.  The image of God was expressed through their lives until they allowed sin to pervert and destroy who they were.

It was not until Jesus walked the earth that another human was able to fully express ‘the image of God’.  In his lifestyle and in his teaching we saw illustrations of what perfect humanity would look like.