Anniversary dinners… the kind where the whole family, the in-laws, the outlaws, the friends and neighbours are invited to come celebrate a special history… been to one of those lately?

In October, I will go to a dinner to celebrate my dad’s retirement after 50 years of pastoring in PAOC churches.

While we celebrate the passing of time, it is not time itself that is the accomplishment. It is the faithfulness and shared history that we commemorate.

When Jesus and the disciples gathered to celebrate the anniversary dinner of Passover, it was to mark God’s faithfulness to his people to deliver them from evil and lead them to a new life.

Jesus celebrates the Passover with his disciples and makes it even more personal when he declares that this is his body and blood—he is the Passover Lamb providing safe passage to a new world.

This is the table that we commemorate. In eating a small piece of bread and sipping a small cup, we come to worship the God who has faithfully delivered us from our evil oppressors and is carving a path through the wilderness to bring us into this new life.

At the Lord’s Table we celebrate the anniversary of what God has done in your life and the life ahead. We share in it together since we are one family in Christ.