Have you discovered the rejuvenating power of taking a power nap? Apparently ten to twenty minute or ninety-minute naps are optimal. It has something to do with your REMs and sleep cycles.

I have found that I am more productive and energetic if I let my body rest when it needs it. Because I am on the road frequently driving between here and Toronto, I have learned that it’s better to pull over when I get tired and recline the seat. My body will tell me when fifteen or twenty minutes are up. I wake up and have the mental clarity to continue driving.

In Bible College I remember one day when someone put their head down and fell asleep in the classroom. Someone got the great idea when class was finished to get everyone to tiptoe out and let the next class tiptoe in. As the next class began with another teacher and a new group of students, the sleeper woke up bewildered and carried their books out to the merriment of everyone else watching.

When I power nap during a busy schedule, I give myself permission to set aside the demands of what I still have to do. I make the priority of self-care so I can be refreshed and energetic for what comes later in the day. Some people cannot let themselves rest. They feel guilty if they focus on their physical needs over the work left undone.