The animal kingdom is filled with many examples of creatures with strange dances and behaviours to attract the attention of a potential mate.  Often, the male species will be endowed with more colourful feathers, skin colours or mighty horns to show off.

Power struggles occur between competitive males to beat off the weaker ones.

This is characteristic behaviour for animals, but what about humans? Have you seen the way some people act to try and attract a potential mate? While the posturing may be colourful and funny, it has little to do with the integrity of the one acting out. 

Many religions also are filled with examples of followers with strange dances and behaviours to attract the attention of their god. The prophets of Baal shouted, cut themselves with knives and worked themselves into a frenzy trying to get Baal’s attention.

Jesus saw the exaggerations of religion around him and taught by example and teaching how we should approach God.  Jesus’ words on prayer are as relevant today as in the first century when vanity was just as prevalent.

Jesus teaches his followers how to be real.  You do not need to impersonate or act dramatically to engage in prayer. The goal is to be your self before God.  What can we learn from Jesus about being ourselves when we pray?