200% JESUS

During his earthly life, no one ever questioned whether Jesus was a human being or not. If anything, his harshest critics insisted that he was definitely a man, but nothing more than a demon-possessed sinner.

His miracles, wisdom and occasional things he said about Himself gave strong hints that he was more than human. He was human all the way down, but different somehow. His resurrection from the grave and ascension revealed that he was also fully divine. God had appeared in human flesh—fully man and fully God.

David Mathis wrote,

His closest disciples, who knew his humanity full well, worshiped him as God, but the first generation of Christians started from a different place. They began with him as God, and tended to struggle with the fullness of his humanness. The first heresy the fledging church faced was that he wasn’t truly man.[1] 

We need to understand that Jesus was human all the way down and God all the way up. Completely human and completely God!

To be Christ’s follower and Abba’s child, we learn how to be fully human—an abundantly alive and God-connected being that somehow lives in two worlds simultaneously. We are alive on the earth and we are seated in heavenly places with Christ. At my current address and yet able to boldly access the throne room of God in Heaven!

We are being transformed into a Jesus-like state. We will be like him in the fullness of his perfect humanity. We have been put to death (crucified) with Christ and yet we are now more alive than previously attainable. 

In our rush to separate spirit, soul and body we forget that God has made us as an integrated being. As long as we are alive in this body, our soul and spirit animate our being. We are thoroughly physical and thoroughly spiritual.

When the body dies, the spirit awaits resurrection in a new and similar body with a new definition of physicality. Jesus had a human earth body that was raised from the dead, fully recognizable and yet somehow imperishable. Indestructible and everlasting…