More than once, we have paid people to housesit while we were away. We returned to dead fish in the aquarium, garbage piling up in the kitchen and big messes. Those are minor things, but frustrating and disappointing. 

Many people have stories about giving responsibility to someone and return to discover negligence and a complete failure to take care of things. Sometimes, it can be a little thing to laugh off. Other times, there are disastrous consequences with lasting effect.

Everyone has a story… Has it happened to you or did you fail someone in your duties? How about these true stories? 

A mother quickly called her regular babysitter when she had to leave town on short notice to attend to a family emergency. The babysitter was left in charge of four kids. When the kids' grandmother stopped by later in the day she found her one-year-old grandson completely unresponsive. After being rushed to the hospital it was discovered the grandson had a blood alcohol content level of .33. That's four times the legal limit! An empty bottle of wine that did not belong to the mother was found at the house.[1]

A couple who went away and left a professional house sitter in charge of their San Francisco apartment were shocked to discover that he had listed their home on Airbnb to rent out to strangers for $2000 U.S. while they were away.[2]

The fact is that when we give responsibility to someone, we expect that person to be trustworthy and honour our requests. We are disappointed and will think twice before we use them again.