We are not the first generation to be overwhelmed by the violence, prejudice and inhumanity of a darkened world.  Terrorism, warfare, perverse philosophies, horribly tragic events… always…

All of recorded history has an element of the unthinkable—the unimaginable sorrow— the engulfing darkness. More than one civilization has fallen from the place of dominance to the ash heap.

Sometimes it feels as if the only thing that can grow from history is a repetitive harvest of weeds. The world is seeded with the bones and ash of all who lived before. We do not know them, only a handful of hero and villain stories live on our imaginations. If the world is supposed to be getting better, it’s not. We are more sinful than we ever believe and hope is riddled with our bullets.

On the day that Jesus Christ was crucified, most of the world did not care. Most people in the world were not at the foot of the cross and you would have to go looking through the numerous executions to find a handwritten sign above a tortured man that read ‘King of the Jews’.

You could easily conclude that the world is a disgusting place. If you happened to differentiate between the cross of Jesus and the crosses of other public enemies, you would know how unjust and vindictive human nature really is.

If you happened to be one of the people who followed him, you might conclude that nothing really changes. Another hero had been vilified and eliminated—someone else to look back on as being better than the rest-- someone else to remind us that we can do better than this. But for now, abandon all hope. It is over. The dream has shattered like a broken light bulb dropped on a tile floor.

There is a time to mourn… a time to mourn… one more time to mourn… Joy is looking more and more like a myth. Weep until you are finally numb to it all and can get on with your existence. No cake on your birthday… no happy holiday… And the sky grew dark… the ground shook violently… and night fell to give the dark day a break. The bloodied corpse of Jesus was taken from the cross, private preparations of the body and then he was placed ironically in a rich man’s tomb.