The worst thing to do with your sin is hide it, pretending that it won’t stink. Have you seen the look on a toddler’s face when they are pooping their pants? 

You can ask what’s going on, but they will not tell you. They will grimace until the deed is done and then sit in it.

You do not condemn a child for making a mess or even for the fact that they wouldn’t tell you what was happening. Instead you compassionately explain to them what happened and encourage them to get clean with your help. If the child is 35 years old and struggling with some sin, we need to understand that the tendency to hide is in us all. We may not speak up when something is going down in our lives.

Even grown ups need spiritual fathers and mothers who can discern the grimace and respond to the mess that is emerging. It’s not our job to point out all the faults of the world around us, but it is our job to clean the barn. The family life of the church is all about dealing with messes.