When we read the historical accounts give in Scripture, we do not always capture the length of time involved. One hour of reading may encompass several years (even decades) of history. A good student looks at the time indicators and understands that many days pass between significant events. Time is not wasted, but things are slowly moving in or out of place in chronological fashion. Then, the Kairos moment comes when the right person is in place at the right time when a tipping point is reached.

This is very evident in the life of Jesus. In the first thirty years of Chronos time, we are told about a handful of Kairos moments. His unusual Divine birth sequence came in the fullness of time. The visit of the Magi and the Shepherds were timed accordingly. The 12-year-old Jesus is amazing the elders in the Temple with his old soul wisdom.

But mostly, the first thirty years were Chronos years of development and waiting for the right time. The three-year ministry of Jesus was marked with a rapid increase of Kairos moments. Three years of impeccable timing… Jesus had a view of time that others did not always understand. Perhaps we still do not.

One such instance involves Jesus choosing to stay away from what appeared to be an opportune time to do something. Instead of going to the obvious place to the do the obvious things, he withheld and waited for God’s direction about where to go and what to do.

John 7:
After this, Jesus went around in Galilee. He did not want to go about in Judea because the Jewish leaders there were looking for a way to kill him. 

Before we even get into the upcoming event, we need to understand what happened previously. John Chapter Six happened around the time of Passover. At that time, Jesus had performed the miracle of feeding the five thousand people from a little boy’s lunch. The next few hours found the disciples in a storm where Jesus came walking on the water. After the miracle of water walking and storm stopping, they made the rest of the boat journey to the other side. A time of teaching followed in which Jesus began to talk to the Jewish leaders and the crowds about eating his flesh and drinking his blood.

He made so many references to His Divinity, that the leaders began to plot his demise. They believed he was a blasphemer and more and more of his words were uncomfortable.

We learn that many of his own followers left him. The miracles attracted them, but the truths he taught repelled them. After this, he stuck to the countryside and villages of Galilee. He avoided Judea and the epicentre of religious power in Jerusalem. Chapter Seven is set about six months away from the big miracles and the falling away of many disciples.