Do you realize you cannot end conflict, fix a marriage or have a generous heart without the presence of love? Take love out of any transaction and you are left with impure motives.

Love inspires meaningful actions and entrepreneurial compassion. One of the paraphrase versions of Scripture is ‘The Bible In World English (WE)’. There was a Pentecostal lady who saw a need and responded in a meaningful way.

This New Testament was originally prepared by Annie Cressman, who died in 1993. She was a Canadian Bible teacher in Liberia in West Africa. Whilst teaching students in a Bible School where the language used was English, she found that she was spending more time explaining the meaning of the English than she was teaching the Bible itself. So she decided to write this simple version in easy English so that her students could easily understand.[1]

Do you ever dream about doing something great for God?  Have you ever heard stories like this and thought, ‘Could I do something like this?’ What is the difference between people who are trying to do good things on their own steam and those who act from a pure heart?

2 Timothy 2:
20 In a large house there are many pots. They are not all made of gold and silver. Some are made of wood, and some of earth. Some are used for fine things and some are used for things that are not so fine.
21 So if a person keeps himself clean from these things, he will be like a dish that is used for a fine work. It is kept as a better dish for the head man of the house, and it is ready for any good thing he wants to use it for.

(World English Bible – version by Annie Cressman)

Have you ever taken a valuable pot or dish and set it aside because the contents were burned or growing mould? You know that it’s a valuable container, but you prolong scrubbing it clean. Perhaps the contents burned or were stinking so you set it outside to deal with it later. Now a couple months have passed and it is still there. Eventually you debate whether to clean it or throw it away.

God’s House has many containers. We are his pots, pans and Tupperware. Each one is made uniquely and designed for its purpose. What is inside you? Have you turned the valuable container that you are and turned it into a garbage can?

I find that I need to examine my motives all the time and then lean into the better way that God has for me. My love life is the same. If two people are in love there is an agreement between them about the important things. There is a strong bond that comes when two commit to the same thing because of mutual love. Those in agreement always set aside lesser things for the sake of the best things.