Have you ever wished that you would win a giant lottery ticket? Or perhaps you would like to be an entrepreneur that discovers the next runaway hit invention that turns you into a billionaire.

Some of my fantasies as a child included an all you can eat McDonald’s buffet, winning 15 minutes with a shopping cart in a toy store and having to survive in a department store where I could use whatever I wanted.

My childish fantasy was always about consuming and using whatever I desired without cost. In my childish mind I equated an abundance of pleasurable choices as the essence of being rich—Richie Rich. The adult version of these fantasies has the same root.

Not surprisingly the Scriptures warn over and over about the deceitfulness of riches. If the love of money is the root of all evil we may need to sell all we have and give our money to the poor. In some cases, that is an excellent prescription.

Money is not really the problem though… an idolatrous love of things, power and self is embedded into the fibre of money love.

Would it surprise you to know that the most frequently mentioned topic in the Bible is money and how we care for the poor? In fact there are more verses about this than there is about love. What are you doing with the opportunities you have to be generous?

We sometimes falsely assume that happiness is dependent on having something to be happy about. Your life can be filled with things and yet be far from cheerful.